MidTown church of Christ, Victoria Texas

MidTown church of Christ

5901 N. Main (Cuero Hwy.) ~ Victoria, Texas 77904 ~ (361)573-0030



*Congregation Update* - as of 8-28-2020

We continue to evaluate the safest and most effective ways to hold services at Midtown church of Christ. We continue to monitor this for the needs of the congregation and having a concern for the safety of all members and attendees. Here is our current schedule.

- Sunday Bible Classes at 9:00. 4-year-old through adult.

- Sunday Worship Service at 10:00.

- Beginning September 9, we will begin having Wednesday Bible classes for 4 years through High School in addition to our adult bible class. All classes begin at 7:00.

- All adult Bible classes and worship services are broadcasting on our YouTube Channel.

- We continue to encourage our members who have underlying health conditions and those with any signs or symptoms of possible COVID-19 to worship at home using the live stream rather than coming to the building. If anyone needs the Lord's Supper elements while remaining at home please email

- It is strongly recommended that everyone wear a mask upon entering and leaving the building and when 6 feet separation from other individuals is not feasible. This is not mandatory, but is strongly recommended. There are masks available at the church building for those who would like to wear one, but do not have one. Hand sanitizer will also be available at the building.

- Precautions will be taken to ensure that communion and contribution are managed in a sanitary way. Communion will be conducted using prepackaged Lord's Supper elements.


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The MidTown church of Christ is a congregation of Christians dedicated to following the simple gospel of Jesus Christ. We profess no denominational affiliation, instead urging all believers to go back to the Bible as the ultimate authority and guide for spiritual life.

We know that those who "walked in the light" in the beginning of the church walked with Christ; therefore, if we believe what they believed, practice as they practiced, and teach as they taught, we will be what they were: simply Christians.

Jesus came into the world to seek and save the lost; He gave Himself at Golgotha to redeem "whosoever will" from the consequences of sin; He came so that we can enjoy truly abundant life, in Him; and He promised to build a church.

At MidTown, we are striving to be that church, and we invite you to investigate what the Word says about it.

Worship and Study Schedule



Bible Classes .............. 9:00 A.M.

Morning Worship ..... 10:00 A.M.

Evening Worship ........ 5:00 P.M.

Tuesdays (September through May)

Ladies' Bible Class ... 10:00 A.M.

Men's Bible Class...... 10:00 A.M.


Midweek Bible Study .. 7:00 P.M.